What is How Fast Are You?

We are a group of clubs that thought it would be fun to see how our driving skills compared to those around the country and world. Hence...


Think you have what it takes?

We welcome all to participate, either in the Time Trials, the Online Point Series or both!

The Online Mini RC Point Series (OLPS) is designed mainly for clubs with multiple members. One member will need to be approved to be a judge. The judge will ensure that all rules have been followed and verify the run. Points will only be awarded to verified runs.

Time Trials work a little different. You will select one of the multiple track layouts. Follow the rules on the page and submit your times. This will include you in our Worldwide Rankings for that particular track. Feel free to run all the different tracks. If a judge is not present to verify your run it will be tagged as *unverified*. All times will be included in the rankings, verified or not.

Cheating or Breaking the Rules is NOT acceptable. If you feel you need to cheat then just don't bother with us. We expect all clubs and individuals to be honest with the track setup and the times submitted.