Time Trial Track 1

Want to get Ranked Worldwide?

This is where it all starts.

Not sure what to do?  Let me explain.  Pick one of the six Time Trial tracks.  Set up the track EXACTLY like the layout.  Run fifty (50) TIMED laps and submit your times.

Don't forget to check the Rules page for the class you will be competing in and the Parts page for what motor's and chassis are allowed.

Time Trial Track 1

HFAY Track 1
Time Trial Track 1 F1 Class
1BrianSalt Lake Mini-Z03:46.45F1Ferrari CustomHFAY Spec
2SpoonWashington DC GTG03:59.04F1UnknownKyosho Stock
3Z ZaniacZ Racing04:21.00F1McLarenKyosho Stock
4Digger Stafford Racers UK05:11.22F1NoneKyosho Stock
5Tom CashStafford Racers UK05:38.40F1NoneKyosho Stock
6BomberBriStafford Racers UK05:59.19F1NoneKyosho Stock
7OopsterStafford Racers UK06:00.91F1NoneKyosho Stock
8Tornado TonyStafford Racers UK06:04.78F1NoneKyosho Stock
Time Trial Track 1 Open Class
1BrianSalt Lake Mini-Z03:47.35MR-03Audi R8PN35T
2Z ZaniacZ Racing04:10.52F1Kimi McLarenMod
3KenotapWashington DC GTG04:27.71MR-02Corvett CR5Mod
4RussSalt Lake Mini-Z04:35.933MR-02PN PanPN 50T
5SpoonWashington DC GTG05:05.57MR-02Lamborghini MurcielagoMod
6Big BrandonWashington DC GTG05:43.92MR-02Ferrari TestarossaMod
Time Trial Track 1 Racer Class
1BrianSalt Lake Mini-Z3:28.64MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
2NinoSalt Lake Mini-Z3:48.44MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
3RussSalt Lake Mini-Z3:51.77MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
4Bill CWashington DC GTG03:52.71MR-02NoneHFAY Spec
5ChadSalt Lake Mini-Z03:52.99MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
6Robert MWashington DC GTG03:53.14MR-03NoneKyosho Stock
7BenSalt Lake Mini-Z3:56.94MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
8Chad(VE)Salt Lake Mini-Z4:01.95MR-03VEMcLaren 12CPN 5500KV
9Z ZaniacZ Racing04:12.33MR-02Mclaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
10SchmenzerMini Speedway04:19.22MR-02UnknownKyosho Stock
11BehrendtzVBG MiniRC04:20.89MR-02NoneHFAY Spec
12HoodMini-AZ04:26.53MR-02Corvette C5RHFAY Spec
13LukeSalt Lake Mini-Z4:31.64MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
14Gasman1DOW04:36.16MR-01AMG D2 CLKHFAY Spec
15Tool38NOKRC04:36.48MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
16hrdrvrMBMZR04:37.67MR-02NoneHFAY Spec
17KenotapWashington DC GTG04:37.89MR-02Ferrari 575 GTCHFAY Spec
18Dusty WeasleMini-AZ04:38.79MR-02MurceilagoHFAY Spec
19Imxlr8edDOW04:39.36MR-02Ferrari F50HFAY Spec
20SlickMini Speedway04:40.21MR-02UnknownKyosho Stock
21Joe KrosnerMini-AZ04:40.48MR-02Ferrari FXXHFAY Spec
22Racer QuinnyDOW04:41.91MR-02Ferrari 360 ModenaHFAY Spec
23GTA.45DOW04:42.21MR-02NoneHFAY Spec
24PZchukyNOKRC04:46.12MR-03Ferrari F430 GTHFAY Spec
25GregSalt Lake Mini-Z4:48.90MR-03NoneHFAY Spec
26Chad ButterfieldSalt Lake Mini-Z05:00.91MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
27*ShalayneSalt Lake Mini-Z5:01.94MR-03Ferrari La FerrariHFAY Spec
28Bash N' ThrashSalt Lake Mini-Z05:05.11MR-02Mercedes CLKKyosho Stock
29MaynarDMT 05:05.50MR-02Ferrari FXXKyosho Stock
30Peter FordCrazy Fast Fords5:05.55MR-02NoneHFAY Spec
31*Cady B.Salt Lake Mini-Z05:05.71MR-02Nissan 350ZHFAY Spec
32SpoonWashington DC GTG05:12.54MA-010Takata 2004 NSXHFAY Spec
33EnzokDOW05:14.26MR-01Ferrari 360 ModenaKyosho Stock
34ChuckyluvWashington DC GTG05:16.41MR-02Ferrari F50Kyosho Stock
35AnarchydudeDOW05:16.54MR-02Ferrari EnzoHFAY Spec
36**Z Zaniac Jr.Z Racing05:20.00MR-02Aston Martin DB9PN70T
37RandySalt Lake Mini-Z5:20.92MR-02Nissan GTRHFAY Spec
38Brandon BeatieSalt Lake Mini-Z05:26.13MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
39DelimanNOKRC05:29.46MR-03Ferrari F40HFAY Spec
40Kelly StanleySalt Lake Mini-Z05:30.10MR-02MurceilagoKyosho Stock
41ShuterGackle Raceway05:31.41MR-02Ferrari 360 GTCKyosho Stock
42*OopsterStafford Racers UK05:33.81MR-02UnknownKyosho Stock
43SaiyanMini-AZ05:37.10MR-02NoneHFAY Spec
44TechnoWashington DC GTG05:38.40MR-02CR5 CorvetteHFAY Spec
45Arch2bWashington DC GTG05:39.36MR-02Ferrari 575 GTCHFAY Spec
46DinkMini-AZ05:40.83MR-01Porche GT3RHFAY Spec
47SoyverdeWashington DC GTG05:43.44MR-02Ferrari EnzoHFAY Spec
48D ZaskeGackle Raceway05:43.76MR-02Skyline GTRKyosho Stock
49EddieDOW05:47.10MA-010Ferrari 360 GTCKyosho Stock
50Mike SchuabDOW05:49.74MR-02GT 40Kyosho Stock
51John HarrisSalt Lake Mini-Z05:52.21MR-02Mclaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
52Chris W.NEMA05:56.64XmodCamaroKyosho Stock
53T-BoneDOW06:01.92MR-02AMG D2 CLKKyosho Stock
54**ChowmanZ Racing06:10.00MR-02McLaren F1 LMPN70T
55JoeMini-AZ06:21.18MR-02MurceilagoHFAY Spec
56YukataDOW06:30.69MR-02Mclaren F1 LMHFAY Spec
57Al RomacDOW06:36.93MR-02Mclaren F1 LMHFAY Spec
58Nissan ManDOW06:38.23MR-01NoneKyosho Stock
59Luke BaconSalt Lake Mini-Z06:38.50MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
60DaveKMini Speedway07:09.12MR-02UnknownKyosho Stock
61Edward FordCrazy Fast Fords7:09.47MR-02McLaren F1HFAY Spec
62RunciNOKRC07:11.76MR-03Xanavi Nismo Z 20HFAY Spec
63MoeSalt Lake Mini-Z7:28.06MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
64CorySalt Lake Mini-Z7:34.19MR-03SMcLaren 12CKyosho Stock
65Al L.NEMA07:37.86Xmod EvoInfinity G35Kyosho Stock
66Digital MafiaMini-AZ07:48.07MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
67SamGackle Raceway07:58.37Xmod EvoInfinityKyosho Stock
68Kevin M.NEMA08:00.98Xmod EvoInfinity G35Kyosho Stock
69Cody M.NEMA08:46.52Xmod EvoF150 Kyosho Stock
70Stan E. M.NEMA11:40.41Xmod Evo'05 MustangKyosho Stock
71*Carol M.NEMA12:00.18Xmod Evo'05 MustangKyosho Stock