Large Track Event 16


HFAY Large Track Event 16


Don't forget the Mains for the Large track are 10 minutes.


All Racer are run Clockwise.


Check the Rules for more details

Check the Manual for more details

Large Track Event 16

Large Track 15
Large Track Event 16 F1 Class
1Brian7310:02.46Salt Lake Mini-ZF1HFAY Spec
2Jefu7210:03.95Burncity MiniZMF-015Kyosho Stock
3Russ6810:01.31Salt Lake Mini-ZF1HFAY Spec
4Ben6510:01.99Salt Lake Mini-ZF1HFAY Spec
5Nino5810:07.59Salt Lake Mini-ZF1HFAY Spec
6Ukyo5610:04.53Burncity MiniZMF-015Kyosho Stock
7Chad5310:07.59Salt Lake Mini-ZF1HFAY Spec
8Niko5210:05.73Burncity MiniZMF-015Kyosho Stock
Large Track Event 16 Open Class
1Saint9110:00.909Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
2Raymond C8010:08.342Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
3Ben7010:01.71Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03PN50T
4Kris H6908:32.550Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
5*Phoenix6910:02.325Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
6Russ6510:05.76Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03PN39T
7Chad629:50.78Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03PN50T
8Luke6110:00.79Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-02PN50T
9John M5909:10.773Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
10Henry5710:00.8122Washington DC GTGMA-020HFAY Spec
11Melvin5410:06.365Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
12Bill C1802:43.186Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
Large Track Event 16 Racer Class
1Saint9110:00.946Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
2Brian8510:00.98Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03HFAY Spec
3Bill C8310:02.589Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
4Raymond C8210:02.337Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
5Russ7910:03.62Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03HFAY Spec
6*Phoenix7710:00.945Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
7Kris H7710:05.460Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
8Jefu7610:02.67Burncity MiniZMA-020VEPN 5500KV
9Chad7610:07.04Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03HFAY Spec
10Anthony7510:00.74Murph's IRCRMR-03SPN70T
11Melvin7510:02.602Washington DC GTGMR-03HFAY Spec
12**Nicholas7510:05.18Murph's IRCRMR-02PN70T
13Ben7110:06.99Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03HFAY Spec
14Niko6910:09.30Burncity MiniZMA-020PN70T
15betty.k6810:02.27Burncity MiniZMR-02HFAY Spec
16Randy6810:07.56Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-03HFAY Spec
17Luke6710:03.16Salt Lake Mini-ZMR-02HFAY Spec
18Jade6610:01.09Murph's IRCRMR-03SPN70T
19Henry6110:01.322Washington DC GTGMA-020HFAY Spec
20Nick6110:02.74Murph's IRCRMR-03PN70T
21Ukyo6110:05.10Burncity MiniZMMA-020VEPN 5500KV
22Ryan5310:07.95Murph's IRCRMR-03SPN70T