Time Trial Track 18

Want to get Ranked Worldwide?

This is where it all starts.

Not sure what to do?  Let me explain.  Pick one of the six Time Trial tracks.  Set up the track EXACTLY like the layout.  Run fifty (50) TIMED laps and submit your times.

Don't forget to check the Rules page for the class you will be competing in and the Parts page for what motor's and chassis are allowed.

Time Trial Track 18

HFAY Track 18
Time Trial Track 18 F1 Class
1BrianSalt Lake Mini-Z3:49.93F1FerrariHFAY Spec
2RussSalt Lake Mini-Z3:52.03F1FerrariHFAY Spec
Time Trial Track 18 Open Class
Time Trial Track 18 Racer Class
1BrianSalt Lake Mini-Z3:33.07MR-03McLaren F1 LMHFAY Spec
2RussSalt Lake Mini-Z3:44.21MR-03McLaren 12CHFAY Spec
3NinoSalt Lake Mini-Z3:56.58MR-03McLaren F1 LMHFAY Spec
4JadeMurph's IRCR4:11.96MR-03SLexas SC430PN70T
5Ty G.PDX MiniZ4:21.879MR-03MAZDA 787BKyosho Stock
6Blaine E.PDX MiniZ4:31.613MR-03Audi R8 LMSKyosho Stock
7LukeSalt Lake Mini-Z4:34.57MR-03Ferrari 599HFAY Spec
8Ken S.PDX MiniZ6:39.000MR-03Ferrari 599Kyosho Stock