Time Trial Track 6

Want to get Ranked Worldwide?

This is where it all starts.

Not sure what to do?  Let me explain.  Pick one of the six Time Trial tracks.  Set up the track EXACTLY like the layout.  Run fifty (50) TIMED laps and submit your times.

Don't forget to check the Rules page for the class you will be competing in and the Parts page for what motor's and chassis are allowed.

Time Trial Track 6

HFAY Track 6
Time Trial Track 6 F1 Class
1briankstanSalt Lake Mini-Z03:55.34F1Williams BMWKyosho Stock
2BradMini-AZ04:36.13F1Ferrari ScuderiaKyosho Stock
3Dusty WeasleMini-AZ04:37.90F1McLaren MercedesKyosho Stock
4TennesseeMini-AZ04:45.80F1Ferrari ScuderiaKyosho Stock
5DinkMini-AZ05:06.68F1Panisonic ToyotaKyosho Stock
Time Trial Track 6 Open Class
1briankstanSalt Lake Mini-Z03:44.83MR-02PN Pan CarPN35T
2ShuterGackle Raceway06:49.91MR-02McLaren SLRUnknown
Time Trial Track 6 Racer Class
1BrianSalt Lake Mini-Z3:21.20MR-03McLaren F1 LMHFAY Spec
2RussSalt Lake Mini-Z3:24.29MR-03McLaren 12CHFAY Spec
3ChadSalt Lake Mini-Z3:33.12MR-03McLaren F1 LMHFAY Spec
4NinoSalt Lake Mini-Z3:39.84MR-03McLaren F1 LMHFAY Spec
5briankstanSalt Lake Mini-Z03:49.84MR-02Nissan 350ZKyosho Stock
6BenSalt Lake Mini-Z3:58.03MR-03Ferrari 458HFAY Spec
7LukeSalt Lake Mini-Z4:19.07MR-03Ferrari EnzoHFAY Spec
8SchmenzerMini Speedway04:22.61MR-02Ford GTKyosho Stock
9ByebyeStafford Racers UK04:27.34MR-02Hasemi 350 ZKyosho Stock
10BradMini-AZ04:31.27MR-02EnzoKyosho Stock
11HoodMini-AZ04:33.32MR-02EnzoKyosho Stock
12Dusty WeasleMini-AZ04:37.21MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
13TennesseeMini-AZ04:43.15MA-010Corvette C5RKyosho Stock
14JonnyStafford Racers UK04:45.39MR-02Diablo VTKyosho Stock
15Rocket RichStafford Racers UK04:46.34MR-02Red 375Kyosho Stock
16Pauls PowerStafford Racers UK05:32.74MR-02McLaren F1 UenoKyosho Stock
17ShuterGackle Raceway05:36.72MR-02Ferrari 360 GTCKyosho Stock
18*SheilaStafford Racers UK05:46.91MR-02MurceilagoKyosho Stock
19*GinaStafford Racers UK06:27.59MR-02McLaren F1 UenoKyosho Stock
20D ZaskeGackle Raceway06:27.89MR-02Calsonic Skyline GTRKyosho Stock
21Bomber BondStafford Racers UK06:42.10MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
22DrewStafford Racers UK06:53.09MR-02McLaren F1Kyosho Stock