Time Trial Track 3

Want to get Ranked Worldwide?

This is where it all starts.

Not sure what to do?  Let me explain.  Pick one of the six Time Trial tracks.  Set up the track EXACTLY like the layout.  Run fifty (50) TIMED laps and submit your times.

Don't forget to check the Rules page for the class you will be competing in and the Parts page for what motor's and chassis are allowed.

Time Trial Track 3

HFAY Track 3
Time Trial Track 3 F1 Class
1Z ZaniacZ Racing03:51.10F1Kimi McLarenKyosho Stock
2HoodMini-AZ04:11.84F1McLarenKyosho Stock
3Joe KrosnerMini-AZ04:12.40F1McLarenKyosho Stock
4Dusty WeasleMini-AZ04:14.04F1McLarenKyosho Stock
5briankstanSalt Lake Mini-Z04:19.61F1FerrariKyosho Stock
6Spikey PaulMini-AZ04:21.24F1McLarenKyosho Stock
7DJMini-AZ04:28.88F1Jordan HondaKyosho Stock
8ByebyeStafford Racers UK04:46.33F1Jordan HondaKyosho Stock
9Mad MaxStafford Racers UK04:55.70F1Williams BMWKyosho Stock
10WolfieStafford Racers UK05:14.57F1Jordan DHLKyosho Stock
11Rich RocketStafford Racers UK05:28.89F1Ferrari ScuderiaKyosho Stock
12DinkMini-AZ05:35.30F1Panisonic ToyotaKyosho Stock
13JonnyStafford Racers UK05:42.15F1Ferrari 2003Kyosho Stock
14Bond PowerStafford Racers UK06:05.10F1Jordan DHLKyosho Stock
15DrewStafford Racers UK06:37.51F1Jordan DHLKyosho Stock
16Fast TurtleMini-AZ09:41.11F1Ferrari ScuderiaKyosho Stock
Time Trial Track 3 Open Class
1Z ZaniacZ Racing03:34.11MR-02McLaren F1 LMUnknown
2ByebyeStafford Racers UK04:12.00MR-02McLaren F1 GulfUnknown
3briankstanSalt Lake Mini-Z04:23.69F1CP Cup CarUnknown
4AA_will3kgtAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo05:11.38MR-02Ferrari EnzoUnknown
5*SheSheStafford Racers UK05:37.00MR-02Curemo SupraUnknown
Time Trial Track 3 Racer Class
1Bob P.PDX MiniZ3:51.417MR-03UnknownPN70T
2Z ZaniacZ Racing03:57.85MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
3Spikey PaulMini-AZ04:07.83MR-02Acura NSXKyosho Stock
4AA_onrailzAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo04:08.14MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
5Dusty WeasleMini-AZ04:08.47MR-02MurcielagoKyosho Stock
6HoodMini-AZ04:10.18MA-010CorvetteKyosho Stock
7Ty G.PDX MiniZ4:12.502MR-03UnknownKyosho Stock
8Joe KrosnerMini-AZ04:13.83MR-02Ferrari FXXKyosho Stock
9briankstanSalt Lake Mini-Z04:16.76MR-02Ferrari 575 GTCKyosho Stock
10Blaine E.PDX MiniZ4:21.612MR-03UnknownKyosho Stock
11Rich RocketStafford Racers UK04:24.52MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
12AA_crazy benzAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo04:25.14MR-02Danacity SupraKyosho Stock
13Chad ButterfieldSalt Lake Mini-Z04:26.17MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
14ByebyeStafford Racers UK04:30.44MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
15AA_Mini-ZAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo04:32.53MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
16AA_hobbycarAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo04:33.40MR-02Ferrari 575 GTCKyosho Stock
17SchmenzerMini Speedway04:42.96MR-02Ford GTKyosho Stock
18ShuterGackle Raceway04:46.40MR-02MurcielagoKyosho Stock
19AA_will3kgtAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo04:46.84MR-02Danacity SupraKyosho Stock
20DinkMini-AZ04:48.28MA-010AMG CLKKyosho Stock
21SaiyanMini-AZ04:56.38MR-02Esso SupraKyosho Stock
22AA_ge_banditAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo04:56.83MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
23AA_draconiousAnn Arbor Mini-Z Dojo04:59.48MR-02Ferrari F40Kyosho Stock
24Luke BaconSalt Lake Mini-Z05:02.81MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
25Pauls PowerStafford Racers UK05:05.48MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
26SamGackle Raceway05:05.96MR-02Ferrari 360 GTCKyosho Stock
27John HarrisSalt Lake Mini-Z05:11.44MR-02Ferrari 360 GTCKyosho Stock
28Kelly StanleySalt Lake Mini-Z05:14.72MR-02MurcielagoKyosho Stock
29JonnyStafford Racers UK05:18.62MR-02Skyline R34Kyosho Stock
30D ZaskeGackle Raceway05:23.32MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
31WolfieStafford Racers UK05:23.56MR-02McLaren F1 LMKyosho Stock
32TimGackle Raceway05:27.41MR-02Takata Dome NSXKyosho Stock
33Mad MaxStafford Racers UK05:52.90MR-02Diablo VTKyosho Stock
34Arch2bWashington DC GTG06:12.00MR-02Ferrari 575 GTCKyosho Stock
35Bomber BondStafford Racers UK06:17.83MR-02Ferrari EnzoKyosho Stock
36JerryGackle Raceway06:20.00XmodPontiac FirebirdKyosho Stock
37Big DMini-AZ06:37.23MR-02Mercedes SLRKyosho Stock
38GhostMini-AZ06:48.75MR-02Mustang GTKyosho Stock
39Ken S.PDX MiniZ7:04.144MR-03UnknownKyosho Stock
40Dangerous DaveStafford Racers UK08:27.84MR-02Diablo VTKyosho Stock